Current Projects

Our Debut Album:

Else, if Else, is in the process of commissioning new works from composers around the U.S. and Europe, culminating in a sustainably produced album completely centered around the environment. Composers, Molly Joyce, Aleksandra Vrebalov, Amanda Feery, Christine Southworth, Ben Portzen, JP Merz and Matt Blair, will each be confronting with the state of our environment – past, present, and future, through their compositions. We chose this concept for the album not only because we find the interaction between art and nature engaging, but also because environmentally conscious music provides a means to make tangible change in and outside of the concert hall by promoting awareness, discussion, and conscious decision making. We have hand chosen these composers not only because of their diverse personal, cultural, and artistic backgrounds, but also because each of their respective compositional practices work to push the boundaries of music through unique harmonic language, the integration of improvisation, and pioneering work with electronics in an increasingly genre-less world.

Molly Joyce

Aleksandra Vrebalov

Amanda Feery

Christine Southworth

JP Merz

Rock County Composer’s Lab

From JP Merz: The Rock County Composers Lab is an educational program for 10 high school musicians in my hometown (Janesville, WI) interested in composing/creating original music. I founded the lab in 2020 with the aim of introducing students to a variety of genres, musical cultures and compositional techniques while also supporting the development of their own creative expression and identity. This program combines lectures, group musical exercises, collaborative projects, individual lessons, and mentorship to foster a new generation of composers. The program consists of a weekend intensive in the winter, followed by individual, monthly Skype lessons and concludes with a performance of the participants works in the spring by Else, If Else.

John Supko Commission

Biloxi Anapanasati